Ezéchiel (NAB) 21

21 1 Thus the word of the LORD came to me:2 Son of man, look southward, preach toward the south, and prophesy against the forest of the southern land. 3 Hear the word of the LORD! you shall say to the southern forest. Thus says the Lord GOD: See! I am kindling a fire in you that shall devour all trees, the green as well as the dry. The blazing flame shall not be quenched, but from south to north every face shall be scorched by it.4 Everyone shall see that I, the LORD, have kindled it, and it shall not be quenched.5 But I said, "Alas! Lord GOD, they say to me, 'Is not this the one who is forever spinning parables?'"6 Then the word of the LORD came to me:7 Son of man, look toward Jerusalem, preach against their sanctuary, and prophesy against the land of Israel,8 saying to the land of Israel: Thus says the LORD: See! I am coming at you; I will draw my sword from its sheath and cut off from you the virtuous and the wicked. 9 Thus my sword shall leave its sheath against everyone from south to north,10 and everyone shall know that I, the LORD, have drawn my sword from its sheath, and it shall not be sheathed again.11 As for you, son of man, groan! with shattered strength groan bitterly while they look on.12 And when they ask you, "Why are you groaning?", you shall say: Because of a report; when it comes every heart shall fail, every hand shall fall helpless, every spirit shall be daunted, and every knee shall run with water. See, it is coming, it is here! says the Lord GOD. 13 Thus the word of the LORD came to me:14 Son of man, prophesy! say: Thus says the LORD: A sword, a sword has been sharpened, a sword, a sword has been burnished:15 To work slaughter has it been sharpened, to flash lightning has it been burnished. Why should I now withdraw it? You have spurned the rod and every judgment!16 I have given it over to the burnisher that he might hold it in his hand, A sword sharpened and burnished to be put in the hand of a slayer.17 Cry out and wail, son of man, for it is destined for my people; It is for all the princes of Israel, victims of the sword with my people. Therefore, slap your thigh, 18 for the sword has been tested; and why should it not be so? says the Lord GOD, since you have spurned the rod.19 As for you, son of man, prophesy, brushing one hand against the other: While the sword is doubled and tripled, this sword of slaughter, This great sword of slaughter which threatens all around,20 That every heart may tremble; for many will be the fallen. At all their gates I have appointed the sword for slaughter, Fashioned to flash lightning, burnished for slaughter.21 Cleave to the right! destroy! to the left! wherever your edge is turned.22 Then I, too, shall brush one hand against the other and wreak my fury. I, the LORD, have spoken.
Thus the word of the LORD came to me:24 Son of man, make for yourself two roads over which the sword of the king of Babylon can come. Both roads shall lead out from the same land. Then put a signpost at the head of each road,25 so that the sword can come to Rabbah of the Ammonites or to Judah's capital, Jerusalem.26 For at the fork where the two roads divide stands the king of Babylon, divining; he has shaken the arrows, inquired of the teraphim, inspected the liver. 27 In his right hand is the divining arrow marked "Jerusalem," bidding him to give the order for slaying, to raise his voice in the battle cry, to post battering rams at the gates, to cast up a ramp, to build a siege tower. 28 In their eyes this is but a lying oracle; yet they are bound by the oaths they have sworn, and the arrow taken in hand marks their guilt.29 Therefore thus says the Lord GOD: Because you have drawn attention to your guilt, with your crimes laid bare and your sinfulness in all your wicked deeds revealed (because attention has been drawn to you), you shall be taken in hand.30 And as for you, depraved and wicked prince of Israel, whose day is coming when your life of crime will be ended,31 thus says the Lord GOD: Off with the turban and away with the crown! Nothing shall be as it was! Up with the low and down with the high!32 Twisted, twisted, twisted will I leave it; it shall not be the same until he comes who has the claim against the city; and to him I will hand it over.
As for you, son of man, prophesy: Thus says the Lord GOD against the Ammonites and their insults: A sword, a sword is drawn for slaughter, burnished to consume and to flash lightning,
because you planned with false visions and lying divinations to lay it on the necks of depraved and wicked men whose day has come when their crimes are at an end.35 Return it to its sheath! In the place where you were created, in the land of your origin, I will judge you.36 I will pour out my indignation upon you, breathing my fiery wrath upon you, I will hand you over to ravaging men, artisans of destruction.37 You shall be fuel for the fire, your blood shall flow throughout the land. You shall not be remembered, for I, the LORD, have spoken.

22 1 Thus the word of the LORD came to me:2 You, son of man, would you judge, would you judge the bloody city? Then make known all her abominations,3 and say: Thus says the Lord GOD: Woe to the city which sheds blood within herself so that her time has come, and which has made idols for her own defilement.4 By the blood which you shed you have been made guilty, and with the idols you made you have become defiled; you have brought on your day, so that the end of your years has come. Therefore I make you an object of scorn to the nations and a laughingstock to all foreign lands.5 Those near you and those far off shall deride you because of your foul reputation and your great perversity.6 See! the princes of Israel, family by family, are in you only for bloodshed.7 Within you, father and mother are despised; in your midst, they extort from the resident alien; within you, they oppress orphans and widows.8 What is holy to me you have spurned, and my sabbaths you have desecrated.9 There are those in you who slander to cause bloodshed; within you are those who feast on the mountains; in your midst are those who do lewd things.10 In you are those who uncover the nakedness of their fathers, and in you those who coerce women in their menstrual period.11 There are those in you who do abominable things with the wives of their neighbors, men who defile their daughters-in-law by incest, men who coerce their sisters, the daughters of their own fathers.12 There are those in you who take bribes to shed blood. You exact interest and usury; you despoil your neighbors violently; and me you have forgotten, says the Lord GOD.13 See, I am brushing one hand against the other because of the unjust profits you have made and because of the blood shed in your midst.14 Can your heart remain firm, will your hands be strong, in the days when I deal with you? I, the LORD, have spoken, and I will act.15 I will disperse you among the nations and scatter you over foreign lands, so that I may purge your uncleanness.16 In you I will allow myself to be profaned in the eyes of the nations; thus you shall know that I am the LORD.17 Thus the word of the LORD came to me:18 Son of man, the house of Israel has become dross for me. All of them are bronze and tin, iron and lead (in the midst of a furnace): dross from silver have they become.19 Therefore thus says the Lord GOD: Because all of you have become dross, therefore I must gather you together within Jerusalem.20 Just as silver, bronze, iron, lead, and tin are gathered into a furnace and smelted in the roaring flames, so I will gather you together in my furious wrath, put you in, and smelt you.21 When I have assembled you, I will blast you with the fire of my anger and smelt you with it.22 You shall be smelted by it just as silver is smelted in a furnace. Thus you shall know that I, the LORD, have poured out my fury on you.23 Thus the word of the LORD came to me:24 Son of man, say to her: You are a land unrained on (that is, not rained on) at the time of my fury.25 Her princes are like roaring lions that tear prey; they devour people, seizing their wealth and precious things, and make widows of many within her.26 Her priests violate my law and profane what is holy to me; they do not distinguish between the sacred and the profane, nor teach the difference between the unclean and the clean; they pay no attention to my sabbaths, so that I have been profaned in their midst.27 Her nobles within her are like wolves that tear prey, shedding blood and destroying lives to get unjust gain.28 Her prophets cover them with whitewash, pretending to visions that are false and performing lying divinations, saying, "Thus says the Lord GOD," although the LORD has not spoken.29 The people of the land practice extortion and commit robbery; they afflict the poor and the needy, and oppress the resident alien without justice.30 Thus I have searched among them for someone who could build a wall or stand in the breach before me to keep me from destroying the land; but I found no one.31 Therefore I have poured out my fury upon them; with my fiery wrath I have consumed them; I have brought down their conduct upon their heads, says the Lord GOD.

23 1 Thus the word of the LORD came to me:2 Son of man, there were two women, daughters of the same mother,3 who even as young girls played the harlot in Egypt. There the Egyptians caressed their bosoms and fondled their virginal breasts.4 Oholah was the name of the elder, and the name of her sister was Oholibah. They became mine and bore sons and daughters. (As for their names: Samaria is Oholah, and Jerusalem is Oholibah.) 5 Oholah became a harlot faithless to me; she lusted after her lovers, the Assyrians, warriors6 dressed in purple, governors and officers, all of them attractive young men, knights mounted on horses.7 Thus she gave herself as a harlot to them, to all the elite of the Assyrians, and she defiled herself with all those for whom she lusted (with all their idols).8 She did not give up the harlotry which she had begun in Egypt, when they had lain with her as a young girl, fondling her virginal breasts and pouring out their impurities on her.9 Therefore I handed her over to her lovers, the Assyrians for whom she had lusted.10 They exposed her nakedness, her sons and daughters they took away, and herself they slew with the sword. Thus she became a byword for women, for they punished her grievously.11 Though her sister Oholibah saw all this, her lust was more depraved than her sister's, and she outdid her in harlotry.12 She too lusted after the Assyrians, governors and officers, warriors impeccably clothed, knights mounted on horses, all of them attractive young men.13 I saw that she had defiled herself. Both had gone down the same path,14 yet she went further in her harlotry. When she saw men drawn on the wall, the images of Chaldeans drawn with vermillion,15 with sashes girded about their waists, flowing turbans on their heads, all looking like chariot warriors, the portraits of Babylonians, natives of Chaldea,16 she lusted for them; no sooner had she set eyes on them than she sent messengers to them in Chaldea.17 Then the Babylonians came to her, to the love couch, and defiled her with their intercourse. As soon as she was defiled by them, she became disgusted with them.18 Her harlotry was discovered and her shame was revealed, and I became disgusted with her as I had become disgusted with her sister.19 But she played the harlot all the more, recalling the days of her girlhood, when she had been a harlot in the land of Egypt.20 She lusted for the lechers of Egypt, whose members are like that of an ass, and whose heat is like that of stallions.21 You yearned for the lewdness of your girlhood, when the Egyptians fondled your breasts, caressing your bosom.22 Therefore, Oholibah, thus says the Lord GOD: I will now stir up your lovers against you, those with whom you are disgusted, and I will bring them against you from every side:23 the men of Babylon and all of Chaldea, Pekod, Shoa and Koa, along with all those of Assyria, attractive young men, all of them governors and officers, charioteers and warriors, all of them horsemen. 24 They shall come against you from the north with chariots and wagons and many peoples. Shields, bucklers, and helmets they shall array against you everywhere.25 I will leave it to them to judge, and they will judge you by their own ordinances. I will let loose my jealousy against you, so that they shall deal with you in fury, cutting off your nose and ears; and what is left of you shall fall by the sword. They shall take away your sons and daughters, and what is left of you shall be devoured by fire.26 They shall strip off your clothes and seize your splendid ornaments.27 I will put an end to your lewdness and to the harlotry you began in Egypt; you shall no longer look toward it, nor shall you remember Egypt again.28 For thus says the Lord GOD: I am now handing you over to those whom you hate, to those who fill you with disgust.29 They shall deal with you in hatred, seizing all that you have worked for and leaving you stark naked, so that your indecent nakedness is exposed. Your lewdness and harlotry30 have brought these things upon you, because you played the harlot with the nations by defiling yourself with their idols.31 Because you followed in the path of your sister, I will hand you her cup.32 Thus says the Lord GOD: The cup of your sister you shall drink, so wide and deep, which holds so much,33 Filled with destruction and grief, a cup of dismay, the cup of your sister.34 You shall drain it dry, and gnaw at the very sherds of the cup, and you shall tear out your breasts; for I have spoken, says the Lord GOD.35 Therefore thus says the Lord GOD: Because you have forgotten me and cast me behind your back, it is for you to bear the penalty of your lewdness and harlotry.36 Then the LORD said to me: Son of man, would you judge Oholah and Oholibah? Then make known to them their abominations.37 For they committed adultery, and blood is on their hands. They committed adultery with their idols; to feed them they immolated the children they had borne me.38 (This, too, they did to me: they defiled my sanctuary and desecrated my sabbaths.39 On the very day they slew their children for their idols, they entered my sanctuary to desecrate it. Thus they acted within my house.)40 Moreover, they sent for men who had to come from afar, to whom messengers were sent. And so they came-- and for them you bathed yourself, painted your eyes, and put on ornaments. 41 You sat on a couch prepared for them, with a table spread before it, on which you had set my incense and oil.42 Then was heard the shout of a carefree mob in the city, and these were men brought in from the desert, who put bracelets on the women's arms and splendid diadems on their heads.43 So I said: "Oh, this woman jaded with adulteries! Now they will commit whoredom with her, and as for her...."44 And indeed they did come to her as men come to a harlot. Thus they came to Oholah and Oholibah, the lewd women.

A Prophecy against the Negeb

45 But just men shall punish them with the sentence meted out to adulteresses and murderesses, for they have committed adultery, and blood is on their hands.46 Thus says the Lord GOD: Summon an assembly against them, and deliver them over to terror and plunder.47 The assembly shall stone them and hack them to pieces with their swords. They shall slay their sons and daughters, and burn their houses with fire.48 Thus I will put an end to lewdness in the land, and all the women will be warned not to imitate your lewdness.49 They shall inflict on you the penalty of your lewdness, and you shall pay for your sins of idolatry. Thus you shall know that I am the LORD.

The Boiling Pot

24 1 On the tenth day of the tenth month, in the ninth year, the word of the LORD came to me: 2 Son of man, write down this date today, for this very day the king of Babylon has invested Jerusalem.3 Propose this parable to the rebellious house: Thus says the Lord GOD: Set up the pot, set it up, then pour in some water. 4 Put in it pieces of meat, all good pieces: thigh and shoulder; Fill it with the choicest joints5 taken from the pick of the flock. Then pile the wood beneath it; bring to a boil these pieces and the joints that are in it.6 Take out its pieces, one by one, without casting lots for it. Therefore, thus says the Lord GOD: Woe to the bloody city, a pot containing rust, whose rust has not been removed.7 For the blood she shed is in her midst; she poured it on the bare rock; she did not pour it out on the earth, to be covered with dust. 8 To work up my wrath, to excite my vengeance, she put her blood on the bare rock, not to be covered.9 Therefore, thus says the Lord GOD: I, too, will heap up a great bonfire,10 piling on wood and kindling the fire, Till the meat has been cooked, till the broth has boiled.11 Then I will set the pot empty on the coals till its metal glows red hot, till the impurities in it melt, and its rust disappears.12 Yet not even with fire will its great rust be removed.13 Because you have sullied yourself with lewdness when I would have purified you, and you refused to be purified of your uncleanness, therefore you shall not be purified until I wreak my fury on you.14 I, the LORD, have spoken; it is coming, for I will bring it about without fail. I will not have pity nor repent. By your conduct and your deeds you shall be judged, says the Lord GOD.

Ezekiel's Bereavement

15 Thus the word of the LORD came to me:16 Son of man, by a sudden blow I am taking away from you the delight of your eyes, but do not mourn or weep or shed any tears.17 Groan in silence, make no lament for the dead, bind on your turban, put your sandals on your feet, do not cover your beard, and do not eat the customary bread. 18 That evening my wife died, and the next morning I did as I had been commanded.19 Then the people asked me, "Will you not tell us what all these things that you are doing mean for us?" I therefore spoke to the people that morning,20 saying to them: Thus the word of the LORD came to me:21 Say to the house of Israel: Thus says the Lord GOD: I will now desecrate my sanctuary, the stronghold of your pride, the delight of your eyes, the desire of your soul. The sons and daughters you left behind shall fall by the sword.22 You shall do as I have done, not covering your beards nor eating the customary bread. 23 Your turbans shall remain on your heads, your sandals on your feet. You shall not mourn or weep, but you shall rot away because of your sins and groan one to another.24 Ezekiel shall be a sign for you: all that he did you shall do when it happens. Thus you shall know that I am the LORD.25 As for you, son of man, truly, on the day I take away from them their bulwark, their glorious joy, the delight of their eyes, the desire of their soul, and the pride of their hearts, their sons and daughters,26 that day the fugitive will come to you, that you may hear it for yourself;27 that day your mouth shall be opened and you shall be dumb no longer. Thus you shall be a sign to them, and they shall know that I am the LORD.

Proclamation against Ammon

25 1 Thus the word of the LORD came to me:2 Son of man, turn toward the Ammonites and prophesy against them.3 Say to the Ammonites: Hear the word of the LORD! Thus says the Lord GOD: Because you cried out your joy over the desecration of my sanctuary, the devastation of the land of Israel, and the exile of the house of Judah,4 therefore I will deliver you into the possession of the Easterners. They shall set up their encampments among you and pitch their tents; they shall eat your fruits and drink your milk. 5 I will make Rabbah a pasture for camels, and the villages of the Ammonites a resting place for flocks. Thus you shall know that I am the LORD.6 For thus says the Lord GOD: Because you clapped your hands and stamped your feet, rejoicing most maliciously in your heart over the land of Israel,7 therefore I will stretch out my hand against you. I will make you plunder for the nations, I will cut you off from the peoples, and remove you from the lands. I will destroy you, and thus you shall know that I am the LORD.

Proclamation against Moab

8 Thus says the Lord GOD: Because Moab said, "See! the house of Judah is like all other nations,"9 therefore I will clear the shoulder of Moab totally of its cities, the jewels of the land: Beth-jesimoth, Baalmeon, and Kiriathaim. 10 I will hand her over, along with the Ammonites, into the possession of the Easterners, that she may not be remembered among the peoples.11 Thus I will execute judgment upon Moab, that they may know that I am the LORD.

Proclamation against Edom

12 Thus says the Lord GOD: Because Edom has taken vengeance on the house of Judah and has made itself grievously guilty by taking vengeance on them,13 therefore thus says the Lord GOD: I will stretch out my hand against Edom and cut off from it man and beast. I will make it a waste from Teman to Dedan; they shall fall by the sword.14 My vengeance upon Edom I will entrust to my people Israel, who will deal with Edom in accordance with my anger and my fury; thus they shall know my vengeance, says the Lord GOD.

Proclamation against Philistia

15 Thus says the Lord GOD: Because the Philistines have acted revengefully, and have taken vengeance with destructive malice in their hearts, with an undying enmity,16 therefore thus says the Lord GOD: See! I am stretching out my hand against the Philistines; I will cut off the Cherethites and wipe out the remnant on the seacoast. 17 I will execute great acts of vengeance on them, punishing them furiously. Thus they shall know that I am the LORD, when I wreak my vengeance on them.

Proclamation against Tyre

26 1 On the first day of the... month in the eleventh year, the word of the LORD came to me:2 Son of man, because of what Tyre said of Jerusalem: "Aha! it is broken, the gateway to the peoples; now that it is ruined, its wealth reverts to me!"3 therefore thus says the Lord GOD: See! I am coming at you, Tyre; I will churn up against you many nations, even as the sea churns up its waves;4 They shall destroy the walls of Tyre and raze her towers. I will scrape the ground from her and leave her a bare rock; 5 She shall be a drying place for nets in the midst of the sea. I have spoken, says the Lord GOD: and she shall be booty for the nations.6 And her daughters on the mainland shall be slaughtered by the sword; thus they shall know that I am the LORD. 7 For thus says the Lord GOD: I am now bringing up against Tyre from the north Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, the king of kings, with horses and chariots, with cavalry and a great and mighty army.8 Your daughters on the mainland he shall slay with the sword; He shall place a siege tower against you, cast up a ramp about you, and raise his shields against you.9 He shall pound your walls with battering-rams and break down your towers with his weapons.10 The surge of his horses shall cover you with dust, amid the noise of steeds, of wheels and of chariots. Your walls shall shake as he enters your gates, even as one enters a city that is breached.11 With the hoofs of his horses he shall trample all your streets; Your people he shall slay by the sword; your mighty pillars he shall pull to the ground.12 Your wealth shall be plundered, your merchandise pillaged; Your walls shall be torn down, your precious houses demolished; Your stones, your timber, and your clay shall be cast into the sea.13 I will put an end to the noise of your songs, and the sound of your lyres shall be heard no more.14 I will make you a bare rock; a drying place for nets shall you be. Never shall you be rebuilt, for I have spoken, says the Lord GOD.15 Thus says the Lord GOD to Tyre: At the noise of your fall, at the groaning of the wounded, when the sword slays in your midst, shall not the isles quake?16 All the princes of the sea shall step down from their thrones, lay aside their robes, and strip off their embroidered garments. They shall be clothed in mourning and, sitting on the ground, they shall tremble at every moment and be horrified at you. 17 Then they shall utter a lament over you: How have you perished, gone from the seas, city most prized! Once she was mighty on the sea, she and her dwellers, Who spread terror into all that dwelt by the sea.18 On this, the day of your fall, the islands quake! The isles in the sea are terrified at your passing.19 For thus says the Lord GOD: When I make you a city desolate like cities that are no longer inhabited, when I churn up the abyss against you, and its mighty waters cover you,20 then I will thrust you down with those who descend into the pit, those of the bygone age; and I will make you dwell in the nether lands, in the everlasting ruins, with those who go down to the pit, so that you may never return to take your place in the land of the living. 21 I will make you a devastation, and you shall be no more; you shall be sought, but never again found, says the Lord GOD.

Lamentation over Tyre

27 1 Thus the word of the LORD came to me:2 As for you, son of man, utter a lament over Tyre,3 and say to Tyre that is situated at the approaches of the sea, that brought the trade of the peoples to many a coastland: Thus says the Lord GOD: Tyre, you said, "I am a ship, perfect in beauty."4 In the midst of the sea your builders placed you, perfected your beauty.5 With cypress from Senir they built for you all of your decks; Cedar from Lebanon they took to make you a mast; 6 From the highest oaks of Bashan they made your oars; Your bridge they made of cypress wood from the coasts of Kittim. 7 Fine embroidered linen from Egypt became your sail (to serve you as a banner). Purple and scarlet from the coasts of Elishah covered your cabin. 8 Citizens of Sidon and Arvad served as your oarsmen; Skilled men of Zemer were in you to be your mariners; 9 The elders and experts of Gebal were in you to caulk your seams. Every ship and sailor on the sea came to you to carry trade.10 Persia and Lud and Put were in your army as warriors; shield and helmet they hung upon you, increasing your splendor.11 The men of Arvad were all about your walls, and the Gamadites were in your towers; they hung their bucklers all around on your walls, and made perfect your beauty.12 Tarshish traded with you, so great was your wealth, exchanging silver, iron, tin, and lead for your wares.13 Javan, Tubal, and Meshech were also traders with you, exchanging slaves and articles of bronze for your goods.14 From Beth-togarmah horses, steeds, and mules were exchanged for your wares.15 The Rhodanites trafficked with you; many coastlands traded with you; ivory tusks and ebony wood they gave you for payment.16 Edom traded with you, so many were your products, exchanging garnets, purple, embroidered cloth, fine linen, coral, and rubies for your wares.17 Judah and the land of Israel trafficked with you, exchanging Minnith wheat, figs, honey, oil, and balm for your goods.18 Damascus traded with you, so great was your wealth, exchanging Helbon wine and Zahar wool.19 Javan exchanged wrought iron, cassia, and aromatic cane from Uzal for your wares.20 Dedan traded with you for riding gear.21 The trade of Arabia and of all the sheikhs of Kedar belonged to you; they dealt in lambs, rams, and goats.22 The merchants of Sheba and Raamah also traded with you, exchanging for your wares the very choicest spices, all kinds of precious stones, and gold.23 Haran, Canneh, and Eden, the merchants of Sheba, Asshur, and Chilmad24 traded with you, marketing with you rich garments, violet mantles, embroidered cloth, varicolored carpets, and firmly woven cords.25 Ships of Tarshish journeyed for you in your merchandising. You were full and heavily laden in the heart of the sea.26 Through the deep waters your oarsmen brought you home, But the east wind smashed you in the heart of the sea.27 Your wealth, your goods, your wares, your sailors, and your crew, (the caulkers of your seams, those who traded for your goods, all your warriors who were in you, and all the great crowd within you) Sank into the heart of the sea on the day of your shipwreck.28 Hearing the shouts of your mariners, the shores begin to quake.29 Down from their ships come all who ply the oar; The sailors, all the mariners of the sea, stand on the shore,30 Making their voice heard on your behalf, shouting bitter cries, Strewing dust on their heads, rolling in the ashes.31 For you they shave their heads and put on sackcloth, For you they weep in anguish, with bitter lament.32 In their mourning they utter a lament over you; thus they wail over you: Who was ever destroyed like Tyre in the midst of the sea?33 With your goods which you drew from the seas you filled many peoples; With your great wealth and merchandise you enriched the kings of the earth.34 Now you are wrecked in the sea, in the watery depths; Your wares and all your crew have gone down with you.35 All who dwell on the coastlands are aghast over you, Their kings are terrified, their faces convulsed.36 The traders among the peoples now hiss at you; You have become a horror, and you shall be no more.

Proclamation against the King of Tyre

28 1 Thus the word of the LORD came to me:2 Son of man, say to the prince of Tyre: Thus says the Lord GOD: Because you are haughty of heart, you say, "A god am I! I occupy a godly throne in the heart of the sea!"-- And yet you are a man, and not a god, however you may think yourself like a god.3 Oh yes, you are wiser than Daniel, there is no secret that is beyond you. 4 By your wisdom and your intelligence you have made riches for yourself; You have put gold and silver into your treasuries.5 By your great wisdom applied to your trading you have heaped up your riches; your heart has grown haughty from your riches-- 6 therefore thus says the Lord GOD: Because you have thought yourself to have the mind of a god,7 Therefore I will bring against you foreigners, the most barbarous of nations. They shall draw their swords against your beauteous wisdom, they shall run them through your splendid apparel.8 They shall thrust you down to the pit, there to die a bloodied corpse, in the heart of the sea.9 Will you then say, "I am a god!" when you face your murderers? No, you are a man, not a god, handed over to those who will slay you.10 You shall die the death of the uncircumcised at the hands of foreigners, for I have spoken, says the Lord GOD.

Lamentation over the King of Tyre

11 Thus the word of the LORD came to me:12 Son of man, utter a lament over the king of Tyre, saying to him: Thus says the Lord GOD: You were stamped with the seal of perfection, of complete wisdom and perfect beauty. 13 In Eden, the garden of God, you were, and every precious stone was your covering (carnelian, topaz, and beryl, chrysolite, onyx, and jasper, sapphire, garnet, and emerald); Of gold your pendants and jewels were made, on the day you were created.14 With the Cherub I placed you; you were on the holy mountain of God, walking among the fiery stones. 15 Blameless you were in your conduct from the day you were created, Until evil was found in you,16 the result of your far-flung trade; violence was your business, and you sinned. Then I banned you from the mountain of God; the Cherub drove you from among the fiery stones.17 You became haughty of heart because of your beauty; for the sake of splendor you debased your wisdom. I cast you to the earth, so great was your guilt; I made you a spectacle in the sight of kings.18 Because of your guilt, your sinful trade, I have profaned your sanctuaries, And I have brought out fire from your midst which will devour you. I have reduced you to dust on the earth in the sight of all who should see you.19 Among the peoples, all who knew you stand aghast at you; You have become a horror, you shall be no more.

Proclamation against Sidon

20 Thus the word of the LORD came to me:21 Son of man, look toward Sidon, and prophesy against it:22 Thus says the Lord GOD: See! I am coming at you, Sidon; I will be glorified in your midst. Then they shall know that I am the LORD, when I inflict punishments upon it and use it to manifest my holiness.23 Into it I will send pestilence, and blood shall flow in its streets. Within it shall fall those slain by the sword that comes against it from every side. Thus they shall know that I am the LORD.24 Sidon shall no longer be a tearing thorn for the house of Israel, a brier that scratches them more than all the others about them who despise them; thus they shall know that I am the LORD.

Future Blessing for Israel

25 Thus says the Lord GOD: When I gather the house of Israel from the peoples among whom they are scattered, then I will manifest my holiness through them in the sight of the nations. Then they shall live on their land which I gave to my servant Jacob;26 they shall live on it in security, building houses and planting vineyards. They shall dwell secure while I inflict punishments on all their neighbors who despised them; thus they shall know that I, the LORD, am their God.

Proclamation against Egypt

Ezéchiel (NAB) 21