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Ecclésiastique ou Sagesse de Ben Sirac, absent de la Bible hébraïque, est écrit en hébreu. La composition première est de 180, oeuvre d'un juif de Jérusalem grand connaisseur des écritures. Pour lui la culture juive est supérieure à la culture hellène. Les découvertes à la Guénizah du Caire et de Qûmran ont permis de retrouver le texte original. L'auteur se propose de nous enseigner la sagesse, c'est-à-dire l'art de diriger sa vie selon la loi de Dieu et donc d'obtenir dès ici bas le bonheur. Le plan : Sagesse - Prudence - Divers(1-16), Dieu et la création (16-23), Sagesse et Loi (24-33), Conseils pour le gouvernement de la vie (33-42), la Gloire de Dieu dans la création (42-50), appendices (51).

Table des matières

Book of


1 In Praise of Wisdom
Fear of the Lord Is True Wisdom
2 Duties toward God
3 Duties toward Parents
Alms for the Poor
4 Duties toward the Poor and the Oppressed
The Rewards of Wisdom
5 Precepts for Everyday Living
6 Friendship, False and True
Blessings of Wisdom
7 Miscellaneous Advice
Relations with Others
8 Prudence and Common Sense
9 Advice Concerning Women
Choice of Friends
Concerning Rulers
10 The Sin of Pride
Persons Deserving Honor
Concerning Humility
11 The Deceptiveness of Appearances
Deliberation and Caution
Care in Choosing Friends
13 Caution Regarding Associates
14 Responsible Use of Wealth
The Happiness of Seeking Wisdom
15 Freedom of Choice
16 God's Punishment of Sinners
God's Wisdom Seen in Creation
17 A Call to Repentance
18 The Majesty of God
The Right Spirit in Giving Alms
The Need of Reflection and Self-control
19 Against Loose Talk
True and False Wisdom
20 Silence and Speech
Inappropriate Speech
21 Various Sins
Wisdom and Foolishness
22 The Idler
Degenerate Children
Wisdom and Folly
The Preservation of Friendship
A Prayer for Help against Sinning
23 Foul Language
Concerning Sexual Sins
24 Wisdom and the Law
25 Those Who Are Worthy of Praise
Some Extreme Forms of Evil
The Evil of a Wicked Woman
26 The Joy of a Good Wife
The Worst of Evils: A Wicked Wife
The Blessing of a Good Wife
27 Tests in Life
Reward and Retribution
Varieties of Speech
Betraying Secrets
Hypocrisy and Retribution
Anger and Vengeance
28 The Evil Tongue
29 On Lending and Borrowing
On Guaranteeing Debts
Home and Hospitality
31 Right Attitude toward Riches
Table Etiquette
Temperance in Drinking Wine
32 Etiquette at a Banquet
The Providence of God
33 Differences in Nature and in Humankind
The Advantage of Independence
The Treatment of Slaves
34 Dreams Mean Nothing
Experience as a Teacher
Fear the Lord
Offering Sacrifices
35 The Law and Sacrifices
Divine Justice
36 A Prayer for God's People
Concerning Discrimination
37 False Friends
Caution in Taking Advice
True and False Wisdom
Concerning Moderation
38 Concerning Physicians and Health
On Mourning for the Dead
Trades and Crafts
The Activity of the Scribe
39 A Hymn of Praise to God
40 Human Wretchedness
Injustice Will Not Prosper
The Joys of Life
The Disgrace of Begging
41 Concerning Death
The Fate of the Wicked
A Series of Contrasts
42 Daughters and Fathers
The Works of God in Nature
43 The Splendor of the Sun
The Splendor of the Moon
The Glory of the Stars and the Rainbow
The Marvels of Nature
44 Enoch
Isaac and Jacob
45 Aaron
46 Joshua and Caleb
The Judges
47 Nathan
Rehoboam and Jeroboam
48 Elijah
49 Josiah and Other Worthies
50 Simon Son of Onias
A Benediction
51 Autobiographical Poem on Wisdom

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